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Having lived in Colorado, California and Utah (my current home base), my travels throughout the Western States and Mexico, have all inspired and shaped my work. But even as a young artist, I have been drawn to artwork that is both modern and classic, challenging and familiar. 


My hope is that people appreciate the simplicity, structure, and design of my paintings. The minimal lines, shapes, patterns, and panels of color are meant to compel thought and not overexplain. This minimal aesthetic explores spatial composition and simplicity, pared down from unnecessary elements. My Representational works and objects such as portraits and animals, are simple and iconic, and share a similar approach in their use of unexpected materials to create a rustic and modern look.

Textiles, graphic design, ceramics, architecture, and machinery also inspire my work. Exploring the use and potential of physical materials is both exciting and essential to these pieces. By incorporating various mediums, such as steel, wood, ink, rope, enamel, wire, and chain, these elements add details that are both unique and functional.